Website Shisei Ryu

Hello all,Over the next few days I’m working on the image of the site, so some content will be invisible to you. Others may be accidental. I will inform you about the completion of the site through the next post. Thank you for your understanding.

Shodan Exam

What is Shisei Ryu for you? This question on Friday 22 March 2019 corresponded to two Makotoshin Dojo students during the Shodan Shisei Ryu exam. Each of us probably can very well reproduce his first master exam in his memory. Even if the exam has taken years back. In part because for some the positive…


Academy 2019

Grab your sword and train with us in 2019! Lukasz Madejczyk I invite everyone, especially those who have been with us from the beginning to continue learning online at our Academy. Online materials support our learning precesses and are an irreplaceable tool for the instructor. The Academy gives us not only to see the technique…


Association NDBKK

All budoka and members of the Nippon Dento Bunka Koryu Kai Association are invited to the new service at: The change of the above address is associated only with greater hosting opportunities. In addition, we want the new service to be friendly to members of the association as well as the potential Internet user.…


Iai Jitsu Course

From December 10 to December 16, 2018 at Makotoshin Dojo Iai Jitsu internships will take place from the shoden level. The internship will be a bit unusual due to the fact that 100% will emphasize the understanding of the technique, the correctness of the exercise and the methodology of teaching forms at the Shisei Ryu…


Uchideshi project

The word Uchideshi 内 弟子 is inseparably connected with the Martial Arts – translated nowadays as a private student. The importance of kanji The word uchideshi contains three kanji characters: 1 – 内 – inside, between, among, home 2- 弟 – younger brother, faithful servant to the elders 3 – 子 – child Some history…