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Founder of Shisei Ryu Martial Arts School


Lukasz was born on September 21, 1972 in Chrzanów as the only son of Anna and Andrzej. From the very beginning associated with Brzeszcze where he grows up, he goes to school develops his hobby and passions. The father of two wonderful children of the daughter of Kinga and son Ryszard. Ju Juitsu has been practicing since 1987. Since then, he has been constantly gaining experience in other styles and fighting schools such as Kyukushinkai karate, Goju Ryu Karate, Muso Jikiden Eshin Ryu, Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, Aikido, Konan Ryu, Matayoshi Kobudo, Hakko Ryu, Filipino martial arts or Chinese like Wing Chun and most of all Chi Ryu. He started his instructor work from classes with children, then he continued in her own Shisei Dojo in Brzeszcze with a group of teenagers and adults. For many years, this group has been the backbone of the foundation of Shisei Ryu’s own school founded in 2011. Motto Tradition Family Development Faith Hope Love affects his way of teaching in Shisei Ryu. Throughout his life, he does not stop learning while constantly undertaking new challenges.

Of course, many facts have been omitted are known to my relatives and people with different levels of knowledge.