Uchideshi project

Uchideshi project

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The word Uchideshi 内 弟子 is inseparably connected with the Martial Arts – translated nowadays as a private student.

The importance of kanji

The word uchideshi contains three kanji characters:

1 – 内 – inside, between, among, home

2- 弟 – younger brother, faithful servant to the elders

3 – 子 – child

Some history

It used to be quite different once and we all realize it. Knowledge was an investment that was not given away for free. On the contrary, you had to pay a lot of money not only with money, but also with your hard work. Someone who wanted to be like a teacher had to live with him under one roof. In this way, the student served the teacher’s house from morning to evening. He repaid his knowledge for gaining knowledge, helping in every necessary activity that had to be done. The student required 100% commitment to training and work, respect and loyalty.

What changed?

The meaning of the word uchideshi 内 弟子 is used without understanding the sense resulting from the long tradition of becoming a master. In order to become a master, one must first become a disciple, not out of obligation but of a conscious choice. The student should be taken every day to reach the master’s level. Working on your weaknesses, taking care with the smallest details for the purity of your character so that in the future you can be a model for your students. Today, there is no need to live together with your teacher, but it is good when you visit the dojo where your Sensei teaches you. In this way you will get to know a better person from whom you learn and at the same time you will be able to improve your work skills.

Uchideshi program

Shisei Ryu gives everyone the opportunity to get to know the school based on the student-house program – Uchideshi 内 弟子. The program is divided into modules that allow you to acquire knowledge from shoden to menkyo kaiden. In each module contained material allows its self-improvement in your own dojo. Therefore, the period up to 3 months is optimal for assimilating a single module.

What does the module look like?

The module, as I wrote earlier, contains training material. It is divided so that it can be easily and easily acquired. For this we have a lot of time because, up to 12 clock hours broken up for two days. In my experience, the time from 10 to 12 is the most optimal.

When ?

It’s best if you plan your time for your training by booking two days together. The simplest solution is the weekend, but maybe the better one for you will be the middle of the week? I know you will know better yourself!


The easiest way is in my Makotoshin dojo. Overnight in my home (uchideshi – a student at home). If it’s a problem, it’s in your dojo.

Who is the program uchideshi 内 弟子 for?

I am recommending the program to anyone who is determined to get to know a school based on tradition, where the techniques are included:

  • Itto – a long sword (katana)
  • Wakizashi – a short sword
  • Nito – two swords together
  • Hanbo – sticks
  • Tanto – knife
  • Karambit – knife in the shape of a tiger’s claw
  • Ju jitsu – self-defense techniques
  • Jo – a short stick

Ready for the next step?

Guilty to you, I am still a little explanation. I have been training myself for over 30 years and I am still in training. As the Japanese say, the budo people train to the end, there is no such thing as retirement. So I do not want people lazy, undisciplined, non-literal! Since I am not desperate to seek someone by force, I believe that if you decide, you will systematically come for knowledge, which I will pass to you step by step. Where you can build a sincere student-teacher relationship based on mutual respect, so that you can become a teacher.