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至 誠 流
Martial Arts School

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Shisei Ryu

The character of Shisei Ryu School results directly from its name, which is written in kanji characters :


The very word SEI means: honest, sincere. In conjunction with the sign SHI it means sincerity or just honesty. Honesty in our understanding is openness to express our thoughts, feelings, insights according with the concept of our own reality. It is also an openness to new knowledge, or experience, which is very important for us, the value by which we should strive with all our heart. Often honesty, is also the ability to adopt a constructive criticism and conscious of the analysis to our continuous development. Only that what is open and honest leads to the growth of one’s development and benefits into our lives. These two characters are written with a third RYU, which means school or style. The easiest way to say it is that Shisei Ryu is a school in which we learn the art of Japanese fencing based on the foundation of which is honesty.

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