Shisei Ryu School with her character refers to the traditional teaching in schools of Bu-jitsu. Although bu-jitsu is largely based on technical knowledge, it does not focus only on the technical knowledge. According to the well-known maxim: “Know and act are one and the same”, it is in this process of teaching, where words do not matter, and the action is best reflected by a fighting technical spirit of the Shisei Ryu School. From a general point of view, we can say that our school can be divided into techniques: Aiki – handmade and Buki – use of weapons to fight.

Menkyo Kaiden system in a clear and transparent way classifies the student to an appropriate level. Each level contains the appropriate dose of material that each student – Budoka is obliged to master. The material is divided into suitable groups with several techniques appropriate to the particular level. In this way, we can say that division of techniques have taken place:

  • Hojo undo 運動 – Those are the basic techniques such as positions, blocks, kicks, cuts and throws, etc
  • Kata 型– These are formal arrangements that reflect a strategy to combat
  • Renzoku Bunkai 連続分解 – These are the analysis of hojo undo techniques and kata applied in a specific order and continuous motion
  • Kaeshi Renzoku Bunkai 返し技連続分解 – is a group of techniques in which we apply counterattacks to already known techniques and kata
  • Jiyu kumi –te, -tachi – is the application of techniques in combat using appropriate protectors
  • Randori 乱捕 – free fight with the possibility of attack from different angles and with the participation of many opponents


Each level also stands out by the way of performing the techniques, which is embedded in the development of Shu-Ha-Ri. The Increase of physical skills must go hand in hand with the development of mental skills, which can be divided into:

  • Jitsu – (SHU stage) . At this stage the expression of the performing techniques is only a mechanical based knowledge appropriate to the technical level
  • Waza (Ha stage). This is a higher level, more similar to skills, that in a natural way bind to the mechanical way of performing techniques
  • Ryaku (Ri stage). The highest level of technique. Here, the development of physical and mental skill is intertwined with the personality of the master. Each technique performed at this stage is raised to the level of art.

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