This is a traditional system of education in which time plays no role. Full understanding of the course of study, rather than a cursory knowledge transfer is the key. Menkyo kaiden system is a system of licenses. Once a student has mastered the given material he  will be allowed to teach techniques within the scope of his license. It is then that one gets the full understanding of techniques.

Upon learning every Budoka is confronting their knowledge and skills with discernment and openness to questioning by his students. Levels such as: Shoden, Chuden and Okuden are confronted among students of Shisei Ryu, levels of : Menkyo and Menkyo kaiden are held with the participation of representatives from  different schools and communities.

Experience of physical and internal development distinguishes menkyo kaiden system against a widespread system of (dan) degrees which mainly takes into account the development of technical qualities. The assessment of moral attitude takes place not earlier than first dan degree. The system of menkyo kaiden in  Shisei Ryu means that every student becomes a teacher, and every teacher at the same time is a student. In practice, this means that at each stage we are obliged to continuous development, going through all the stages of the menkyo kaiden system.

Describing the Menkyo system we can’t forget about the individual approach to each of the students moving through the system. The concept of  uchi deshi (student of the house) also plays an important role in the traditional transmission. Although today deviates far from the old Japan, where the student lived with his master to thoroughly explore the secrets of the School. Today, it is important to keep this attitude of a student, in order to fully understand the concept of the school. This is the only attitude that leads to full  Menkyo Kaiden – the end of transfer.

At the level of Shoden a student receives basic information about the school and is encouraged to open his own dojo.

At Chuden the student gets to a deeper level of technique and is going through the process of maturation as a teacher for his students and becomes more responsible for their development. This period is very turbulent for the student as one must look from another side on his already acquired skills thus clearing technique from all errors.

At the Okuden level the student-teacher becomes a fully trained Budoka, having knowledge of all the techniques and is able to arrange his own kata using the strategy of Shisei Ryu.

The Menkyo level receives a student-teacher that understands the idea of school and with it becomes its worthy representative. At this stage, the student-teacher is no longer attached to his dojo but also takes the responsibility for all participants of Shisei Ryu.

Finally, the level of menkyo kaiden. A student-teacher is ready to bring his life further with the ideas of the school. His life is “to serve” others, giving oneself to others means to be ready to teach everyone without exception.

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