The emblem of Shisei Ryu School is a graphical form of the ideas contained in the school.

Describing the emblem of Shisei Ryu, there is no way not to refer to tradition which we so value and with which we identify ourselves while practicing the way of Budo everyday. Such elements as Kamiza  (the most important place in the dojo, where the graphical emblem of the school is placed), Japanese swords (katana, wakizashi), the Japanese language in technical terminology, training clothes (kimono and hakama), all make this School traditional or one that cultivates certain cultural – social traditiones.

This emblem for us is not nothing but a common sign, which gives a sense of belonging to a particular social group. As early as the Middle Ages people began to use common characters (crest, emblem) to unify certain groups, as well as to set them apart from the crowd.

The emblem of Shisei Ryu School we wear on the left arm below the shoulder joint. Such use right away is our flagship and sometimes says more than words.

Triangle and a circle inscribed with four arms extending from its center are the emblem of Shisei Ryu School.

TRIANGLE – symbolizes the foundation, stability and balance. The emblem of  Shisei Ryu has the shape of a triangle, which is equivalent to a stable, strong attitude.

CIRCLE – infinity, security.

Circle, in which the points are  extending from its center and connected by lines form the equivalent of a great art or a great technique. The circle is also a symbol of the “aiki” techniques or a sword that creates no noise: „oto nashi no Ken”.

While describing our emblem we also have to say about the distance to fight. Triangle – far distance, Circle – the average, and the midpoint – a close distance.

The most important is the circle, which is the circle of life, which any good swordsman should take care of. This circle gives us 8 attack and the same defense options. All this makes us more accustomed to fight, when we can see some things. These aspects determine the effective strategy not only to fight, but also to life. The ability to use the distance to some things make us more resilient to stressors that evoke our lives. The ability to take the fight to the corner level makes our strategic skills grow and what we once did not see today becomes obvious.

CENTER OF CIRCLE – is the center from which come four arms that indicate the directions of our development according to the directions in which the person moves. Further broken down into 8 parts they reflect the 8 trajectory directions while cutting with the sword sword.

BLUE COLOUR – symbolizes: limitless, perseverance, loyalty, union, mutual understanding and the colour itself attracts people to it.

WHITE COLOR – symbolizes: purity, peace, freedom, courage, space. White is the color of continuous development, inner transformation and harmony, to which we aspire through training.


All of these elements included in the emblem show us the enormity of possibilities that opens up the School of Shisei Ryu.

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